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Religious Emblems Guidelines

1. All Catholic Religious Emblem Counselors, must meet the following requirements to be certified to counsel Scouts for the Ad Altare Dei (AAD) or Pope Pius XII (PPXII) emblems:

a. be registered in some capacity with the BSA.

b. have taken the BSA Youth Protection Training program.

c. participate in a Lay Apostolate Formation Experience once every three (3) years.

d. have completed the Diocesan Religious Emblems counselor's Training course and update the course as required by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting (DCCS).

e. Lay Apostolate Formation Experience must be completed PRIOR to taking Religious Emblems Counselor's Training course.

f. provide two (2) references, one from Parish and one from Scouting or Youth Ministry.

Applicants should realize that not everyone has the gifts and talents, given by God, to minister to youth, as an emblem counselor. Everyone can serve in different ministries, 'according to our gifts.

2. In light of the problem of child abuse and that Counselors represent the Catholic Church, Counselors are NEVER permitted to counsel a Scout on a on-to-one basis. As such, each Counselor is to have signed the Diocesan Ethics Statement within his/her parish.

3. A Scout must have COMPLETED the sixth (6th) grade before working on the AAD program.

4. Counselors should hold a meeting with the parents and Scouts, before beginning the AAD or Pius XII programs. At this meeting the program and its requirements are explained.

5. Counselors are required to notify the Diocesan Religious Emblems Chairperson before they start either an AAD or PPXII emblem program, to verify their CERTIFICATION with the DCCS.

6. The length of time to complete an emblem program is the responsibility of the Counselor to determine after careful evaluation of the capabilities of each Scout.

7. Each Scout, in order to receive the AAD or PPXII emblem, MUST attend the Catholic SCOUT Retreat snonsored by the Catholic Committee on Scouting of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. He/she must attend within the calendar year he/she is working on the emblem. This retreat is to be attended PRIOR to the "Board of Review".

8. All section/unit completion dates, in the program books, are to be filled in by the Counselor. The Scout's pastor is to sign at the appropriate place on the emblem application.

9. AAD and PPXII candidates are required to attend the annual "Board of Review". Scouts are to present themselves before the Board in their Scout uniforms, with their COMPLETED APPLICATION and $30 fee* (to cover cost of medal, neckerchief, photo) . In "hardship cases" contact the Diocesan Religious Emblems Chairman.

10. AAD and PPXII emblems are presented to the Scouts on Catholic Awards Day.

11. AAD and PPXII are faith growth programs for Scouts/Venturers.

12. To further promote the religious emblems, it is suggested that after the presentation of the emblem, the religious emblems square knot (no.5014) be given to the Scout at the unit's next Court of Honor.

13. The religious emblems for Catholic Cub Scouts, "Light of Christ" (Tiger/wolves) and "Parvuli Dei" (Bear/Webelos), are parish and family oriented and are designed to be worked within the family. They are not intended to be a den project. These emblems are presented within the parish. The Pack Religious Emblems Coordinator is responsible to make the necessary arrangements for the presentation.

14. The Religious Emblems Committee of the DCCS will oversee all Counselors, Religious Emblems Coordinators and Religious Emblems Programs. When a problem arises regarding counselors/coordinators /programs, the Religious Emblems Committee will decide on the final course of action after consultation with the Diocesan Chaplain.

* Fee subject to change.

Revised 11-07-94

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